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Monologue_Text from old cache


The studio is a temporary cave for meditation;

a land of localizable territory;

it can be moved or altered at any time, and anywhere.

The studio is a stuffy and unventilated cellar,

when its master is troubled about finding progressive steps.

It is of a splendid and magnificent grandeur,

when its master adores every discovery.

Maybe someday,

the studio will become the fallacious Utopia resulting in the death of the artist.

Maybe someday,

the studio will turn out to be the tomb of inspiration; the crucifier of originality.

The studio is a battlefield where the enemy is no one but oneself.

Permanently conquering, challenging.

One cannot leave it, nor escape from it.

It is a stage with no spectators,

the artist being the only participant;

she is making the real show.

The studio is in the artist's mind;

a part of her mentality;

a realm in her idealistic nature.


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