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'Indigo Blossom' - indigo pattern design

'Indigo Blossom' is nearly finished and will be shown on May in Austria. It is the best commissioned work I ever made, and definitely not the last one! If it were not for this project, I would never learned about Blaudueckerei and now I am a fan who has just gone indigo crazy.

It is sorely formed by a composition of chrysanthemum and corpus kousa (Chinese dogwood) patterns, which is also my very first indigo pattern design.

Chrysanthemum, along with plum blossom, the orchid, and bamboo, symbolise 'Four Gentlemen' in China. Corpus kousa, once was portrayed as imaginary flower, was first described in 'The Classic Mountains and Seas' (a compilation of Chinese mythic geography) as '...There is also a tree there with dark veins and splendid flowers...carrying it prevents getting lost.'

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