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iLookHH #57_girls talk not about girls

Ever dreamed of coming to a foreign city and starting a career adventure? Imagine that? Exciting, everything looks so refreshing, alien and novel; smily face of local store owner in tourst site; friendly suggestion of a saleslady in a fashion franchise store, etc; etc;... well, that's just the very beginning of a life in another country. After three months, or no, maybe two months, you found that people are not that FRIENDLY anymore, they look at you on the street, examine you in the subway or check you out on purpose in a restaurant; buuum! That's the moment when you get to know the place better and your feet begin to touch the ground. Congrats!


"Well, I just move to Hamburg, I am really excited and have been looking for job opportunities." (remember, smily face smily face!)

"Oh, nice, well, there are not many opportunities for foreigners, maybe you could work in a Chinese restaurant or something."

"Ehm.." (excuse me?)


When I moved to Hamburg last year, that was my first international meet up in town, the lady who worked at Yelp and knew nothing of what I did before, kindly gave me the first piece of 'career advice' which I later label it as 'Hamburg first warm welcome' and laughed about that.

I met Daisy the other day for a workshop in one local yoga studio, unfortunately, we were just five minutes late and would not be allowed to enter. Remember, every place does have specific rule. However, things got a little bit weird when this comment followed up:

"...sorry, this is not like how things work in other countries, this is Germany."


woooo, I was glad I let things go in a moment. No. We will never sign up for any workshop in this studio anymore.


Jewel and I would agree with each other more on the subject that if someone has already pretended to fall asleep, it's impossible to wake him up.

Just now Jenny sent message to Facebook group chat. I made a screenshot. What a lovely girl! ;D I love her mindset, she is optimistic, calm and fun to be with.

We cannot change the world, but we can certainly make each other a better person.

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